World Architects locked a magical substance called Ether deep inside of a planet Tyran. They left there lesser gods to guard the substance. Now the planet is populated by Nords and truth became the legend. Other races came to Tyran out of a deep space in their search for the Ether. They wish to become gods themselves, and Nords destiny is to stop them...

Platforms: PC (IOS and Android afterwards)


  • unusual mix of an RPG and strategy genres
  • simple to learn, but hard to master non casual gameplay
  • unique character development and units control sistems
  • exciting multiplayer with different mechanics on each map
  • controls like in action-rpg's, or strategy-like, using only a mouse
  • can be played comfortably and effective with the gamepad
  • interesting and deep story with well crafted Tyran lore
  • two (soon will be more) races with 11 different units on each side
  • it is NOT “free to play”, each player is in the same conditions
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